What is wellness?

According to Dr Hettler of the National Wellness Institute, wellness consists of six dimensions, Social, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, 

Occupational and Spiritual. 

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth.


Holistic therapy can help with balancing three of the above dimensions.

Holistic Therapy

The holistic approach to health takes into account the whole person, mind, body and soul, including lifestyle rather than just focusing on the symptom or the part that has the problem. If one part is not working properly, all the other parts will be affected. In this way, if people have imbalances (example physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives, it can negatively affect their overall health

Holistic therapists believe that the body has a vital force or life energy. It is this force that protects the body from disease and allows it to heal. One can achieve optimal health -- the primary goal of holistic practice -- by gaining proper balance in life.

Holistic therapies aim to help the client restore the balance, thus allowing the body to help to heal itself naturally. Holistic therapy is also known as Complementary Therapy as it can work alongside medical issue though it may require a Drs permission.

A Bit About Me & Therapy


My name is Lizzy, I was born in Scotland a long time ago....I am a mother of six in a blended family, and a grandmother of three. Every role I have ever had has always been in service to people, taking care and helping. I joined the WRNS back in 1984 and spent around six and half years as part of this wonderful service before leaving to have a family. Over the years I have worked with vulnerable people, both adults and children, I have worked with schools supporting children with learning difficulties and behavioural issues, aiding parents and teachers, in and around Bedfordshire, I also worked for the local authority for a few years before moving on to Victim Support in Hertfordshire.  In all my experiences I understand that sometimes life can get you down, sometimes its physical issues, sometimes its mental or emotional, sometimes its lifestyle, so alongside all of my roles, I have continued my learning to bring balance and healing to those who need it.  Something I can say I will always do. When I'm not working or with my children, you can find me volunteering at the Forestry Centre Marston, in Panto in Pulloxhill, walking for a charity, training or on the very odd occasion tidying my house!


I am fully qualified under the International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies. I gained the qualification in 2001 though I believe it is just IHHT now, and have been practicing ever since. I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (MFHT) and am fully insured with Balens.


I love holistic therapy and enjoy knowing I have been able to help you regain balance, feel better and lighter. My training and enthusiasm continues with new skills and methods to ensure you always get exactly the best. Over the last few years, I've updated my training to be current on specific pain issues with the ACMT Shoulder Gridle course through Jing Advanced Massage Training in Brighton. I have also completed courses in trigger point, myofascial release, direct structural integration approaches, cranial work and visceral manipulation and a fusion of the best Eastern and Western techniques, all designed so I can have the tools necessary to ease pain without causing pain. I am also a Shamanics Practioner I use my drum or rattle to bring back balance to the body and spirit, and take you on "journeys" I have practiced crystal extraction, soul retrieval and bone healing. I am currently undertaking a Druid Bardic Course and of course my training with the marvellous Jing continues.


My approach is very holistic and each therapy will be tailored to the client. I will ask  necessary questions to determine the best approach for you. If you have never had a therapy before you may have an initial mini consultation on the phone. All our therapies are proceeded by a full consultation to determine if there are any contra indications to any of them. We may require permission from your doctor before proceeding, this can be done verbally by yourself. Therapies can enhance medication which could be good or bad and only your doctor will know. 


I also believe in making therapies accessible and affordable, my prices have stayed very low over the last few years but an increase is coming in Sept 19, to countermand this I have discounts in place for Police, NHS, Fire Service and Military personnel but I am also introducing a concession Tuesday every week, for those on low incomes and students. This will cover all the therapies. I have a loyalty card which, after five visits becomes a £15 voucher, alongside all this I will have my usual offers, prizes/giveaways.

I am passionate about enabling people to live in balance, harmony and wellness, so much of today is spent in demanding roles and juggling busy schedules, being pressurised into making time to do the things you'd rather not - so taking time out can set you up for the week. Try it and see, you're so worth it.


Stress Free

Booking an appointment is easy, you can - BOOK online under the therapies here on the website or on my Facebook page, or Google, there is also an app you can download called Fresha for Apple or Android.


Message me via the Facebook page (link at bottom of page)or use the 'Book Now" button

Call me on the number at the bottom of the page (please speak clearly and repeat your number if leaving a message)

Email me enquiries@thistlemethis.co.uk

Payment can be taken by card or cash (sorry no cheques) on the day.

Cancellation policy - if you cancel up to 48 hours in advance there is no charge, if you cancel within that time you could be charged 50% of the value of treatment.

I am fully aware of the GDPR - your details are kept locked and secure and you are always privy to the information held on you at every session. I will never pass your details onto anyone or any organisation, you will not receive lots of emails from me, but you may get a Christmas Card!