Absolutely the most in depth and soul quietening experience I have had in a long time.
Like a lot of people, I have tense shoulders and lower back. I’ve also been feeling rather low – October is a tough time for me generally - but in addition I’ve given up running which has meant my low mood has followed me well in to November. Explaining this to Lizzie a few days previously, she had suggested a back neck and shoulder massage with hot stones, followed by some reflexology to balance me out a bit.  
Truly holistic as the title suggests, Lizzie doesn’t rush into her treatments. A full consultation took place, during which she somehow managed to refrain from eye-rolling at my neglectful habits whilst gently pushing at what might make things in general work better for me. I half wanted to shriek “you’re SO right” and leap out of the Shepherd Hut and get on with Things right there and then, such were her inspiring tones, but I resisted and succumbed to her healing hands. Right decision!
The Shepherd Hut is so lovely. It’s cosy without the heat from a million candles, it’s comfy without making it feel like you’re in someone’s living room. Celtic tunes waft around, (which I found more relaxing than plinky plonky chimes), the lotions and potions provide a delicate scent, and the towels are soft and richly coloured: and this all wraps around you in a gorgeous hug that lasts the whole day (horrid weather and a long walk home notwithstanding of course).
The massage was fantastic, incredibly detailed and using all manner of techniques – you can tell this lovely lady really knows her stuff! I was soothed and prodded and smoothed and kneaded and hot-stoned for what seemed like forever – no complaints at all! Lizzie knew what she was looking for and pinpointed exactly where I had been having issues, dealing with problem areas with exactly the right amount of pressure and kindness. 
I was then in for a real treat – reflexology. Bundled up in my towels, I just relaxed whilst my feet were gently caressed and massaged. And yes, I did wake myself up with my delicate lady-snoring….. 
Post therapies, there was no rush to get on and Lizzie was happy to share what she’d “found” – on the strict proviso that she can’t and doesn’t dispense medical advice. However, her suggestions have certainly made me rethink a couple of habits… And taking up new ones – I’m going to book regular treatments - de rigeur for 2019!
Lizzie is a very talented, kind and deeply caring therapist whose treatments are worth every penny – although saying that her prices are ridiculously good value. She really knows her stuff, has a range of talents and really does treat the “whole”. I can’t recommend her enough. Since my visit I’m feeling so much better and capable. 
Thank you so much for getting me back on my thoroughly refreshed feet, Lizzie. I can’t wait for next time.

I’m not good at putting feelings into words as good as this so my review didn’t reflect my experience anywhere near as detailed! I would like to take the opportunity to say that I agree 100% with everything Samantha has said about the whole experience with Lizzy.

First visit to Lizzy yesterday for a massage and will definitely be making it regular thing! Lizzy is very thorough, incredibly knowledgeable and very easy going. As a Fitness instructor I ask a lot of my body and Lizzy took the time to work out where I needed the most work and gave those spots enough attention to ease the aches and pains. I've had many different massage therapists over the years and highly recommend Thistle Me This to anyone!

Amazing massage from Lizzy, she definitely worked her magic on me. I suffer a lot of tension and tightness in my neck and back as a fellow therapist. I left feeling fabulous and have recommended her to all my colleagues at CP so apologies Lizzy if you become inundated with spa therapists. I don’t get a lot of me time but I’ll definitely be making a point of returning, hopefully sooner rather than later 

Yes yes OMG she really is fabulous! There are those who can massage and there are people who can HEAL and lizzy is defo the latter!! ♥️ 
Her set up is lovely and enchanting and I had the added bonus of rain lashing the window while I was having my treatment which was actually beautiful. Real healing hands! 
Will Definitely not be going anywhere else! Xxxx

I had been suffering from neck ache for a few days and decided to book a massage to see if that would help. I had never had a massage before so i wasn’t sure what to expect. Lizzy made me feel at ease straight away, she explained everything, she’s amazing at what she does. After an hour massage my neck ache had completely gone and Lizzy showed me so exercises for my neck aswell.
I will definitely be making a massage a regular thing.
Thank you Lizzy

Very relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage, would definitely recommend a trip to Lizzie.

I would most definitely recommend Lizzie to anyone wanting a massage for whatever reason be it for just relaxation or to help an injury or pain. Lizzie listens and takes on board everything you tell her and is so understanding and empathetic. Well done Lizzie. Keep up the sterling work 

Feeling very relaxed after a much needed Top to Toe Treatment..
The Facial def was the best I've ever had & the Relexology was Amazing..
I have already booked and am looking forward to my next Treatment..
Thankyou again Lizzy x

Lizzy is great and I had a fabulous experience with my Reflex and Reiki session. lovely relaxing set up.

Love the new Shepherd Hut, lovely cosy relaxing atmosphere. Perfect reflexology, so relaxing and the heated bed is just perfect. 
Thank you Lizzie.

Always such a lovely experience at Thistle Me This. I've had 3 treatments with Lizzie now all different but all wonderful. Lizzie is so knowledgeable and she provides a friendly and relaxed environment for her treatments. Can't wait for my next one :-)

I had my first ever Reiki therapy session with Thistle Me This today and it was amazing. Lizzy is very skilled, friendly and knowledgeable and I feel very balanced, clarified and centred after my treatment. The Shepherd's Hut is a little place of sanctuary and I would thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting to acquire some balance in their busy life.

Literally just walked away from my first treatment with Lizzie and didn’t want to leave. One of the best massages I’ve ever had and my back feels amazing, the best it has since the start of my pregnancy- will definitely be returning and bringing my partner too. A hundred thank you’s!

Just had the most relaxing pregnancy massage, it sent me to sleep. Great way to unwind and switch off - I highly recommend it and wil be returning soon. Thank you. X


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