Thistle TherapiesWhat You Need to Know  

No therapy is a replacement for medical advice or medication. If you are under the Dr or Consultant for any reason you should get a Drs permission, this can be done verbally.

  • All our therapies are preceded by a full consultation. All our products are completely organic, times indicated for length of therapies are approximate only. Please allow extra time for consultation and aftercare feedback.

  • If you are pregnant only the pregnancy massage is suitable, providing you are in your second or third trimester.  

  • Before a therapy please ensure you wear loose clothing, have showered recently, my couch can take weight up to 26 stone, if you believe you are heavier or are not sure you MUST check before attending.

  •  If you are having a foot massage please do not book if you have verrucas, athletes foot or any other foot fungal issue.

  • Massage cannot take place if you have sunburn, it will only make it worse and possibly make you feel ill.

  • If you have any kind of unexplained rash I will be unable to perform the massage.

  • Please do not wear make up to a facial or a full body aromatherapy session.

  • Payment is by card or cash or BACs

  • Entry is by way of the GREEN side gate, please do not be more than 5 mins early for your appointment.

  • Please do not have a heavy meal or alcohol before your massage, it can make you feel ill and you may get a headache.

  • Concession Tuesday is EVERY Tuesday and is aimed at  those on low incomes, single parents, students etc, if you are NOT on a low income please try to leave Tuesdays free. 

  • Concessions are available every Tuesday @ 20% on all marked therapies with this  'Tuesday Concession £'  for those mentioned above, please book normally 

  • NHS, Police, Military and Fire Service discounts available everyday (except Tuesdays) @ 10% on Clinical Back Massage, Advanced Massage and Reflex n Reiki only

  • Loyalty Cards are available from every second therapy attended, five stamps entitles you to £15 off any therapy, you won't get a stamp on discounted therapies and I won't do double discounts.

  • If you have contacted me and not heard back please message again I may have missed it, I try to answer all queries within a couple of hours, even on my days off.

  • Please DO NOT attend if you are poorly - coughs, sore throats, colds or if your child has received a live flu vaccine within the last 2 weeks (Sept to 

  • Please do not attend if you or a close family member  has been abroad within the last two weeks, while the current Cor-vid 19 crisis is on, please be extra vigilant  

  • I am a Holistic Therapist, your wellbeing is my job, I will always do my best for you.



Once you've tried this, you will love it.
Approx 60 Minutes - £35 (Tuesdays concession £)
Reflexology is an ancient technique working on the basis that areas in the feet directly mirror the body.
It incorporates Zone Therapy and works on meridian lines. During consultation you will receive a relaxing foot bath and cleanse, then whilst you relax on the couch you are the recipient of a wonderful foot and ankle massage of specific zones, targeting areas of congestion, promoting  relaxation, improvements in sleeping, improved mood and stress relief.
Reflexology is great if you are suffering from stress, emotional issues, aches, tiredness, menopause symptoms and so much more. It is a deeply relaxing therapy. 

Thai Foot Massage

There are many benefits and effects  from Thai Foot Massage including;

Improved circulation in the legs and hands

Acceleration and stimulation of lymphatic drainage, 

Strengthening of the immune system

Relief of stress symptoms such as

mental fatigue and anxiety, 

Helps with insomnia 

Gives overall feeling of balance and well-being

As with Reflexology you will be given a relaxing foot bath, the massage will given with hands and a specialised tool to target specific areas of congestion. It includes an ankle and calf massage.

This is a very ancient  and wonderful technique.

Thai Foot Massage.jpg
Once tried, never forgotten
Approx 90 Minutes - £45

Back Massage Extra!

Herbal Remedies

Do you sit all day at a desk? All day in a vehicle? Lift heavy items? Are suffering aches and pains, have to constantly lift children? Have you had a nagging shoulder issue for a long while? Lower back aches and pains? Stiff neck?

A full back massage working the soft tissue of the whole back, neck and upper arms, to ease day-to-day stresses and relax tight muscular fibres, you also benefit from a head massage, incorporates stretching techniques and hot stones, using a medium of organic cream, oil or wax tailored specifically for you could be just what you need.

Approx - 60 Mins - £40 (Tuesdays concession £)

Maybe you have long standing issues which would benefit from a x4 weekly session to really get on top of the problem


Approx 60 mins - £140 (£35 x 4) paid  for in advance

Clinical Back Massage

A full back massage including glutes, tops of hamstrings, incorporates stretching to limbs, deeper tissue work, trigger point to target knots, and areas of congestion, myofascia work to ease pain and stretch fibres, side lying techniques to target lower back pain. Head massage and some cranial sacral work takes place too.

There is nothing the massage doesn't do. 

I use little or no wax to ensure the best contact, although this massage will relax you by easing stiff aching muscles and realigning fibres it is not a relaxing massage, there are movements involved and you will be expected to lie on your back, side and front at times and move limbs should it be required.

Approx - 90 Mins - £50 (£, *)
Maybe you have long standing issues which would benefit from
a x4 fortnightly session to really get on top of the problem
Approx 90 mins - £180 (£45 x 4) paid  for in advance

Herbal Remedies

Aromatherapy Back Massage

Wonderfully relaxing gentle back massage using a fully organic medium and blended essential oils, tailored as always to your individual needs.


Muscles are manipulated, relaxed and soothed. This therapy helps defeat anxiety and stress, manage pain, soothe joints, helps with headaches, lifts your spirits, promotes health and well being and relaxes your poor muscles.


Its a wonderful way to take time out, breath in the scented oils and float away.

The massage incorporates, lower back, back, neck and shoulders and head

Approx 60 Minutes - £40 (Tuesdays Concession £)

Sauna Sessions

Book an infrared sauna session and relax into bliss as the warmth of the harmless infrared rays penetrate knotted and tight muscles, soothing them from the inside out. 

Infrared saunas are not like other saunas which rely on warming the room up and you as part of it, infrared saunas warm you directly with near and far infrared rays. These rays warm the muscles soothing them, relaxing you, providing relief from other aliments too such as fibromyalgia, research has shown that infrared saunas can reduce pain in people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Infrared wavelengths promote circulation to help relieve stiff joints and sore muscles, a few minutes in the gentle warmth of an infrared sauna will help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated - some article links here

Contra- indications to infrared saunas -

Seek permission from your doctor prior to use for the following conditions:

  • Taking Medication (which the sauna could interfere with)

  • The Elderly

  • Cardiovascular Conditions

  • Chronic Conditions

  • Medical implants (metal or silicon) 

Infrared sauna use is contraindicated for people with following conditions: (you cannot have a sauna)

  • Pregnancy

  • Hemophilia

  • Fever

  • Insensitivity to Heat

  • Alcohol / Alcohol Abuse

  • Children

Dog Spa

Holistic Facial

Not just any facial - a Thistle Me This facial 

Holistic Facial is a truly wonderful therapy, not only do you get to completely relax lying comfortably on the couch, you are treated to a gentle thorough cleanse and tone using only organic products. The Massage that follows, using a carefully selected organic essential oil medium, improves circulation and helps move lymph. Acupressure is used to relieve areas of tension, a face mask is applied while you benefit from either a hand and arm massage or foot massage. When the mask is removed  a facial serum oil is applied, the head is also treated to a massage and we finish with a moisturise. I use products from Botanicals or Neals Yard.

   Try it, you'll love it.


We suggest you remove make up prior to appointment
Approx 1 Hour - £35

Ear Candling

Ear Candling is wonderfully therapeutic  it can help alleviate headaches, migraines, sleeplessness, sinus pain, blocked ear, tinnitus, travel sickness, balancing ears prior to flying, rhinitis and it helps with relaxation. the candles are made from pure beeswax and cotton or linen impregnated with essential oils or herbs chosen for their therapeutic effects. Ear candling is safe, however it does not draw out wax but causes a chimney like effect to help relieve the above symptoms, wax may loosen and come out in the days after the therapy. Ear candling is followed by a relaxing massage using acupressure to the face and head to help release congestion and aid relaxation.


Ear candling has the best results if given over a course of three or four sessions, if you would like to book a block please contact me for cost and availability.

Approx 45 mins - £25

Indian Head Massage

Back Massage

A massage given whilst sitting, you will have a massage to top of back and shoulders. The massage continues up and round your neck, head and face, I include acupressure points to head and scalp movement, face, neck and shoulders and some trigger point to shoulders.


This is a wonderful therapy which has been known to ease headaches, sinus issues, stress and tension. This massage can be given with or without the use of mediums.


Feel stress free and lighter.


Approx 45 Minutes - £30



Full Body

Advanced massage is one of the most effective and readily available ways to treat muscle pain and stiffness.

Advanced full body massage is a tough deeper tissue clinical type massage for those used to having massages. incorporates stretching to limbs, deeper tissue work, trigger point to target knots, and areas of congestion, myofascia work to ease pain and stretch fibres, side lying techniques, involves manipulation of muscles using slow pressure, targeting knotted muscle fibres, its a great massage if you are a runner or very into sports. 


Approx 90 mins - 120mins - £60 * (NHS, Police, Military, Fire)

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink

Prenatal massage is a type that aims to relax tense muscles, ease sore and aching backs, improve circulation, soothe swollen legs, promote a wonderful sense of well being and relaxation at a time when you need it most. It is a whole body massage using warmed coconut oil and given whilst lying fully supported at all times on your side. 

Massage is not recommended during your first trimester

Approx 1 Hour - £40 (Tuesdays Concession £)

Holistic Massage


A massage using a medium of organic cream, oil or wax to manipulate muscles throughout your body, moving lymph, releasing muscle tension and pain, built up from everyday stress of life. This massage includes some myofascial work, some trigger point too. However if you are suffering from back pain we suggest you book for that instead as the time is focused and allows for deeper work.

The type of massage will be determined after consultation, it may be that certain areas need a more targeted treatment. You will leave relaxed and refreshed. This massage can be adapted to back and legs or can be extended for a longer period, cost will be at £10 per 30 mins over.
This is a whole body massage, one not to be missed.
Approx 75 - 90 mins - £50 (Tuesdays Concession £)


Full Body


Wonderful whole body massage from the top of your head to the tips of your toeses. As a fully qualified Aromatherapist I use an organic medium and essential oils, selected and synergistically blended just for you.


This massage is for your whole self. Mind, Body and Spirit. This therapy helps defeat anxiety and stress, manage pain, soothe joints, helps with headaches, lifts your spirits, promotes health and well being and relaxes your poor muscles. Lifting your energy levels. the massage includes a head and face massage using facial oil from Botanicals, it also includes a  foot massage and head massage. It really is the ultimate relaxing therapy.


 You will leave relaxed and soothed with a feeling of wellbeing which will last for days to come.


Try it, you're worth it.

Approx 90 Mins - £50 (Tuesday Concession £)

Essential Hot Stone & Tropical Hot Stone

The blissful Essential Hot Stone is deeply relaxing and theraputic, using specially selected, blended essential oils alongside hot basalt stones, to aid in delivering a massage you won't forget.


Using warm coconut oil and hot earthy volcanic stones, Invoking images of tropical climes and sandy beaches, you are soothed and relaxed, while you drift away. 


Muscle aches and pains are eased, the warmth of the stones eases joint pain, tension is eased and soothed, stress and anxiety float away with the benefit of the oils and the earthy volcanic stones.


Chakras are balanced using the aid of crystals and heat from the stones, not only are you relaxed and balanced physically but mentally and spiritually too.

This is a whole body massage, head, hands, feet and face included. 

Allow extra time for consultation and aftercare

Approx 90 mins - £55


Top n Toe


A relaxing and rejuvenating combined experience of 

Reflexology and Holistic Facial. 


This is a real treat and perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Both are full therapies carrying with them the benefits of both.

You will be treated to a warm cleansing foot bath before going into your  therapy, the Holistic Facial will commence, with a gentle cleanse, tone and massage using a carefully selected medium especially for you, acupressure is also applied releasing tension, followed by a face mask, the therapy continues with a hand and arm massage. A facial serum is applied and you also benefit from a head massage, before finishing with a gentle moisturise, we then proceed with the Reflexology! 


Products used are Natural Pampering foot soak and foot balm for Reflexology and Botanicals for the facial.


 This is so deeply relaxing make sure you take the rest of the day off!

Allow extra time for consultation and aftercare advice

Approx 2hrs mins - £60 (Tuesday Concession £)


Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient form of spiritual healing, energy is channelled through the practictioner to promote healing to the client, whilst you lie comfortably under warm, soft blankets. Reiki energy is given to bring balance to your body, mind and spirit. This allows your body time in which to heal or for you to deal with any issues which may have caused strife. Reiki is very safe and loving.


You will leave with a deep sense of relaxation and calmness which may last several days.

Reiki is a very gentle, non invasive therapy, suitable for everyone. This takes approx 60 mins however it does sometimes run over as you may want to discuss the therapy after.

Approx 1 Hour - £35 (Tuesday concession £)

Reflex n Reiki

A wonderful combined therapy of Reflexology and Reiki.

Reflexology is an ancient technique of applying pressure and massage to the feet to alleviate blockages and and promote healing in the body, Reflexology is a fabulous therapy for releasing congestion in the body and it is deeply relaxing, helping you sleep better, aids with menopausal symptoms, stress and so much more. This is followed by Reiki a form of spiritual healing, its very gentle and non invasive, its given whilst you are fully clothed, covered by a blanket, energy is channelled down to you to aid in healing and balancing mind, body and soul. This complete session is so very deeply relaxing I can't recommend it enough.

Allow extra time for consultation and aftercare advice

Approx 2hrs  - £60 *(NHS, Police,Fire, Military)

Shamanic Healing


Shamanic Healing pathways take several forms, Recognition of Spiritual or Energy blocks, Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Healing and Power Retrieval, I work with the spirits of the place, my own power animals and guides, with the spirit of my drum or rattle, I may use other tools such a crystal or smudge (cleansing smoke of herbs) 

Drum Healing uses the regular rhythmic beating to resonate with your body, the sound of the drum will change with blockages, and the drum brings balance, it is the heart beat of the Earth, similarly with the rattle, this will be used to cleanse and balance  energy in the auric field. Bone Healing is very much a physical touch not unlike Reiki, where I will work my way around your body sending deep healing from the inside out, Crystal extraction is using a quartz crystal to pull out negative energies from within, these are then transferred to a rock or stone brought by yourself and buried in the garden. Journeying is guided, to heal or to find your power, by way of finding your power animal.

You will be given methods to journey for yourself 

Shamanic healing is ancient and world wide, I have studied Shamanics with teachers who follow a Native American path and with teachers from this land following ancient British techniques, my drum is made in the style of the Saami people. I work with ancestors , spirits of the place, my guides, the directions, the Earth the Sun and the spirits of the tools I use.  All things have spirit. This is a very sacred therapy and very deep, not to be be taken lightly. 

Times vary not less than 1hrs - the exchange will be at all times £50 - (£15 of this will be donated to charity)