Quote of the Day

"Balance your mind, body and soul,

when any of these three are out of balance, our lives

will be in a constant state of turmoil and unease."

Holistic Therapy, massage, reflexology etc are looked upon as something which is a luxury, 'can we afford it, is it neccessary? Does it really help?' Apart from anything else having a therapy should be something that people do for themselves regularly. They should want to feel 'well', balanced and at ease.

People are often stressed by work, home life, money worries, families or all of these and more, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, difficult to imagine better, this is because the focus is on something other than yourself. How many times do you actually ask yourself 'how do I feel', physically, emotionally, mentally.' How many times do you notice areas of tension in your body, or take note of when you feel irritated, tired, fed up, can't sleep or have pain in your back and shoulders? Do you wonder whats causing it? These are signals your body, mind and soul give to you, signals that you could do with a bit of TLC, the pressure eased, that balance needs to be restored. They can also let you know that its time to reassess certain areas of your life.

When this occurs, its time to take 'a time out' for yourself. Sometimes that can be a night out, or a new haircut, these do lift your spirits for a while, but really what you need is a therapy, a massage of some description or a Reiki healing. With a therapy you will be physically releasing knots of tension and areas of congestion from your body, whilst allowing your mind to shut off for a while, all in a safe comfortable environment.

The exchange for a massage is less than the cost of a tank of petrol or a new hair colour or even that night out, the effects last longer and you are giving yourself permission and time to heal. When you feel good everyone around you feels good too, things seem more managable, mountains are only molehills after all. After a therapy you will be relaxed, you will feel good and more positive. Holistic Therapy helps you to restore the balance thats gone arwy . You are worth it. You deserve to be happy!

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