Image by Peter Neumann

Thistle Me This



My name is Lizzy, I was born in Scotland a long time ago....I am a mother of six in a blended family, and a grandmother of three. Every role I have ever had has always been in service to people, taking care and helping.


I joined the WRNS back in 1984 and spent around six and half years as part of this wonderful service before leaving to have a family.


Over the years I have worked with vulnerable people, both adults and children, 

I have worked with schools supporting children with learning difficulties and behavioural issues, aiding parents and teachers, in and around Bedfordshire, I also worked for the local authority for a few years before moving on to Victim Support in Hertfordshire.  


In all my experiences I understand that sometimes life can get you down, sometimes its physical issues, sometimes its mental or emotional, sometimes its lifestyle, so alongside all of my roles, I have continued my learning to bring balance and healing to those who need it. 


Something I can say I will always do. When I'm not working or with my children, you can find me volunteering at the Forestry Centre Marston, in Panto in Pulloxhill, walking for a charity, training or on the very odd occasion tidying my house!