May - The Therapeutic Stones

So there I was a cynic of the highest order, not believing in the benefits of Hot Stone Massage, not grasping the effects, not understanding how it could possibly be a good massage. However I had some clients with very bad backs and I wanted something to aid in the warming and relaxing of the muscle fibres, so that I could then manipulate the muscles in the massage. However in order to use the stones you have to do a course. So off I toddled. Huffing and puffing .................. ..........and returned enlightened. I absolutely fell in love with these wonderful therapeutic volcanic stones. Spewed from the belly of the Earth, created in fire, left and moulded for eons and carrying with them

April - The Lows

Well as I said in my previous blog post, going to the London Marathon was wonderful, meeting so many different people all trying to make a difference in any way they can, a very humbling experience and a reminder to always take time to stop and smell the flowers, to appreciate all that you have every day and take time to breathe and show a little kindness. The Lows - April is always a very poignant month for me, my brother Tommy died at the end of November 2015 he was only 47 years old. He came into the world far too early and unexpectedly and left the very same way. Its not known how he died but suspected possible chest infection, he was never one for going to the Drs no matter how much you

April - What a Month!

April has been for me a wonderful month littered with emotional highs and lows. Its my second month at the Shepherd Hut and I am feeling more at home though there is still a bit to do. The garden is growing well and every day you can see the changes, the phrase "April showers bring forth the May flowers" is quite appropriate. The London Marathon took place this month, the hottest on record and I was there along with a few other therapists to help the Stoke Association runners. There were 180 runners organised by the Stroke Association and funds over £40,000 were raised which is a tremendous feat, I believe there were